There’s nothing better to reach illumination than depression. It leaves you with nothing, making you feel like shit. Makes you feel like the worst person in the world. But it will pass. After that, you feel like you can do anything. You have nothing to lose, nothing to fear. – NIX

People use to say “I want peace on earth” or “stop making war”. Imagining a world like that is imagining a perfect world without conflicts. Don´t count me in to live in a place like that ’cause perfection means ‘not Human’ and ‘no conflicts’ means no Art.  – NIX

When I was a kid I used to cry every time I saw a beggar asking for money. Now I feel much trouble in giving money to them. I don´t like to give the fish, I prefer to give the fishing pole. – NIX

I like to believe that there are millions of genius minds waiting for NIX to explode. – NIX

When I was 10 years old I dreamed about winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Now I don´t want any prize. I just want to save the world even knowing that I won´t. – NIX

Just think for a little bit: Art is creation. If you are an Artist your profession is no different from God’s profession. Holly You!- NIX

Nowadays you just need to put some nice design in your shit and people will buy it. – NIX

Todas as manhãs eu perco uma hora a organizar e tratar todas as ideias novas que tive durante a noite – NIX

You are what you repeatedly do. If you do the good over and over again, you will end up having an aura. Trust me. – NIX

If Banksy, Dali and Gandhi joined together and had a son, he would be called Gandalinsky. With the time and the difficulty of pronunciation he would change his name to NIX.

I mantain a dream journal so that in 2150 they could study me not only by what I did but also by what I dreamed. – NIX

Every morning instead of make up I use the brush to paint my skin with the dreams I had that night. – NIX

Todas as manhãs quando acordo, experimento um prazer supremo: o de ser Salvador Dali NIX.

Bristol [ENG] and Portalegre [POR]  have something in common. People from Portalegre who are Banksy fans will know it. – NIX

The day they stop selling false ideas I will stop painting walls. – NIX

Take my tools, clean my paintings, destroy my work and I will make it all over again. Twice better. – NIX

Facebook is nothing more than an extension of your voice. – NIX

I could only get my head cleaned after I cleaned up my own room. The thing is that cleaning the head was the easiest! – NIX

I usually use my skin as a notebook. I sketch some sudden idea in my hand, put some key words in my arm… I’m even considering using my face. That would finally give me reasons to look to the mirror. -NIX

Winning a big prize in lottery is like using cheat codes in a video game. It sucks. – NIX

Not to be or not to be… That is the question. – NIX

NIX que estais no céu, Santificado seja o vosso Tag, Venha a nós a vossa Arte, Seja feito o Vosso Stencil, Assim na parede como no chão. O Graffiti nosso de cada dia nos dai hoje, Perdoai o nosso activismo, Assim como nós perdoamos a quem nos tem oprimido. E não nos deixeis cair na alienação, Mas livrai-nos do mal. Amen – NIX, nix é o senhor 

20% percent of my ideas come when I am in the shower, 30% come while i am in the bed. – NIX

I’ve never experienced poverty or hunger. That made me think clearly. Now it is my duty to help those who don’t. -NIX

I can hear and appreciate Jazz, “Mozart”, Raggae, Opera, Rap, Rock and even Pop. I’ve never focused myself in listening any specific genre of music. Now change the ‘music genres’ into ‘people genres’ at my two previous phrases and you will find accepting others much more easy. -NIX

People who attack my work usually lack imagination and sense of humor. They are depressed people, failed artists or simply drunk. -NIX

I am one of the most intelligent persons I know. Wait… I don’t know much people after all… -NIX

People complain all day long about the crisis. Truth is that those people bought the last generation smartphone… A phone that it is supposed to be smart instead of them. -NIX

The main reason that made me stop wanting stuff was realizing that all world was already mine. -NIX

At some point in life the children have to impose on their parents. They are the rooster that dethrones the father-rooster in all barns. They are the power on Zeus fighting his father Cronos, or the art apprentice surpassing his master. It’s natural evolution. The son who accommodate will hardly think for himself. -NIX

My father is a Photographer, my mother an Architect. My grandma was an English Teacher and grandpa was a Medic. My sister is a Sculptress and even my dog is called Banksy. They all gave me the tools I needed. -NIX

It’s not the life that passes too quickly, its the feeling of immortality that soon fades. – NIX

NIX, para as dores de cabeça… – NIX, inquientante

Uma arma pixelizada dispara um tiro de sangue. Por vezes o virtual torna-se real demais… – NIX, call of stupidity

Desafiando o próprio conceito de arte, escondi uma obra por mim criada dentro de uma caixa completamente selada. É uma obra que nunca conhecerá a luz do dia. Tu não sabes o que é. Só eu. E agora? – NIX, art inside a box

As manhãs do Goucha… as tardes da Julia… e as noites dos segredos… – NIX, lixo no lixo

Geralmente gosto de actuar em paredes esquecidas. Ou porque não mora lá ninguém, ou porque notifica as pessoas de que ao menos já era altura de pintar de fresco, ou porque simplesmente nos lembra que a própria parede existe. – NIX

“Não uso bicicleta em Lisboa porque a cidade não está preparada.” – esta é a típica resposta de uma espécie em crescimento, o Homo Preguiçosus. Claro que a cidade não está de todo preparada, mas isso pode até ser vantajoso. Acabar perdido numa rua nova, descobrir um atalho bem mais rápido, cortar entre os carros durante as filas e as greves, fugir do trânsito louco para o passeio. São opções que tornam a bicicleta um híbrido perfeito para circular na cidade. Não só evitas as fragrâncias do submundo (metro) como tens um contacto mais próximo com a cidade, as suas gentes e a sua história. – NIX, zero tour

Outros Pensadores

Dou tanta entrega aos meus projectos que passo mais tempo sendo NIX do que sendo eu próprio. – Francisco Meireles Ladeira

NIX is like my son. Sometimes he makes mistakes but I will defend him to the end. Attack him and I will ‘break your face’. – Francisco Meireles Ladeira

Vejo muita coisa. Aprecio muito pouco. – António Nicolas

A realidade é uma alucinação moderada. – Margarida Medeiros

O riso está relacionado com a percepção da morte. – Ricardo Araújo Pereira

Copyright is for Losers. – Banksy

Art is a spiritual function of man, which aims at freeing him from life’s chaos. – Kurt Schwitters

Não falta talento. Falta descaramento! – Miguel Gonçalves, Vencer o Futuro

Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. -Benjamin Franklin

Now that we can do anything, waht will we do? – Bruce Mau

Painting is an infinitely minute part of my personality. – Salvador Dali

One must act in painting as in life. Directly. – Pablo Picasso

Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint – Banksy

Art can change the way that we see the world. – JR

Say what you have to say, put it on the table and walk away… – Lawrence Weiner

Se brincares aos génios tornar-te-ás um! – Salvador Dali

Se não os tens a tremer, não está a acontecer! – Miguel Gonçalves

We need a little controversy. Cause it feels so empty without me.” – EMINEM


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